Heracles Packaging Co. S.A.

Heracles Packaging Company S.A. is the only Greek company
that manufactures molded paper pulp products.

Why molded fibre?

Complex Shapes

Through molded fibre we are able to create complex shapes that embrace and protect the packaged goods in the most efficient and satisfactory way, therefore being able to meet market’s highest demands.

Complex shapes that protect the packaged goods


Molded fiber packs offer durability under severe wide temperature ranges leaving goods absolutely intact. Molded fiber is also durable under humidity.

Durable under humidity egg tray


Molded fiber absorbs vibrations, better than any other packaging material, due to its natural compressibility, making the transportation and storage of the packaged products safer and more effective. Molded fiber is also sound absorbing with a friendly texture towards the user.

Eggs safely stored in our egg trays

Environmentally Friendly

Molded fibre packs are environmentally friendly, as they are biodegradable and the use of recycled paper as raw material effectively preserves natural resources and reduces CO2 emissions.

Sustainable packaging